“The ultimate discussion – is Cupid a fairy or an angel?” Neither, he’s the Roman god of love!

So…this must be the most random post I’ve ever had yet. But not so random. Kind of. My English teacher started this whole thing.

It started off as a discussion with the Tooth Fairy. I don’t know exactly how it started, actually, wait, I think I remember. I think it was something about his daughter losing her first tooth. He was saying how she got five dollars and how she was complaining about wanting a silver dollar.

I know what you’re thinking: SAY WHAT?? Who would rather have a dollar than five dollars?

Well, apparently my English teacher’s daughter.

Anyway, he asked me what I got when I lost my first tooth.

I said “Nothing.”

He was shocked.

Then I said, “At least she gets to keep her tooth. My mum made me bury mine!”

That got him laughing, but I wasn’t lying. That’s what happened. Kind of sad…

Honda’s like: Do you now have a tooth tree in your backyard?!

Yeah, totally.

That was yesterday, I think. Then, this morning, he started this discussion again. Two of his students, twins, were also complaining about not getting money from the Tooth Fairy.

I was not being bitter. He asked if I would break the tradition if I got kids.

Me: Probably not.

Him: Then there’s no reason to be bitter, is there?

Me: I wouldn’t make them bury their teeth! *grumbling* I’m not being bitter.

Yeah, who does that anyway? Besides my mum…

And then the conversation took another turn. Apparently one kid from another period thought that the Tooth Fairy was a boy. They’re all “can’t fairies be guys?”

So some people shot him down. Then my English teacher asked my class about it. He told me about the kid saying that the Tooth Fairy was a guy and when I said no, he asked about Cupid.

And that started a whole new discussion.

He asked the whole class their opinions.

“He’s a fairy!”

“No he’s an angel!”

“No, he’s a fairy!”

Those who insisted that Cupid was not a fairy got heavily questioned by my English teacher.

Him: Well, why can’t he be a fairy? Aren’t there guy fairies?

Some random kid: Well…his wings aren’t right!

Him: Oh, so it’s the wings!

Some other random kid: Fairies are tiny!

Him: Well, he’s tiny, he’s a baby!

Me: A very fat baby.

And so it went on. But there are guy fairies! But Cupid isn’t one of them… Remember our good, old friend Terence from Tinkerbell? He’s a fairy! And a guy fairy at that!

Of course, my dearest friend Honda had to go and use all her smarticles on us: “He is neither a fairy or an angel. He is a mythological creature.”

That is true, though. His mom is Venus (Aphrodite) and his dad is Mars (I think that’s Ares). Cupid is also Eros in Greece…but my purpose wasn’t to bore you with useless facts (although those kinds of things don’t bore me) my purpose was to make up for my absence. Sorry, I’ve been brain dead for a while.

Some random kid: His wings are made of feathers, so he’s an angel! Fairies wings are translucent!

Him: Oh, so because his wings aren’t see-through, he’s not a fairy?

That may not be the reason…but he isn’t a fairy. Or an angel.

This is a fairy:

tinker bell standing

She doesn’t seem too happy that you’re comparing her to Cupid of all things, does she? You better apologize…quick! I heard fairies can get real mean when they want too, they’re annoying little light flashing in your eyes and they’re so small they can fit through your eyes and into your brain.

This is an angel:

Except we can never know for sure…since the angel is obviously enraged at its comparison with Tinkerbell and never wants to be seen. (Just kidding!)

This is Cupid:

More like, “Where the heck is my mom and why am I here?” Haha, this is the baby from Wizards of Waverly Place. Poor thing. I feel for you.

And finally…this is a fat, naked baby:

Also known as a cherub.


I hope I’ve made up for any lost time! I’ve been telling my friends I would update and update and update, but I never had the time. You try doing it when you pass out as soon as you get home!

Anyway…comment, subscribe, hate, love…just don’t get hit by Cupid’s arrow! But he’s a baby, he has bad aim. I’d be more scared if he was aiming for the person next to me!

No, actually I’d be more scared if Cupid was this guy [click the link!]:



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